In my previous post I presented a few photos where elegant shirts rule – the basic item of men’s clothing. We can wear them virtually dawn to dusk 365 days of the year – seasonality does not apply here.

What shirts should they be? This will depend on your preferences. Remember, however, that when shopping for a shirt, do not focus too much on price, and do not look for bargains as it could turn out to be a white elephant. We put a shirt directly on our body, like underwear. When buying underwear we choose cotton, and it is good to keep the same standards for shirts.

Aficionados of casual style and ease will say that wearing an elegant shirt every day looks a bit “stiff”.

Believe me that it is not necessarily like that. A shirt is made from cotton, like every t-shirt, but a man definitely looks better in a shirt than in even the nicest t-shirt.

An additional bonus of shirts is their lifespan – minimum three years. In this case, a shirt wins against a t-shirt. It is difficult to imagine a perfect looking cotton t-shirt after three years of wear. No way. T-shirts washed several dozen times get stretched, the seams are twisted, and colours fade. A well washed and carefully ironed shirt, in turn, will look new despite several dozen washes in the washing machine.

Today’s photos depict a few shirts by Tudor in basic colours and cuts. Most of them have Kent collars – the most universal collar, and which I recommend in nearly every styling. The shirts by Tudor I recommend have two cuts: the slim line for slim men and regular for those with optimum weight. Please note that we should always tuck in an elegant shirt, never wear it untucked – let’s keep that privilege for sporty shirts.

Finally the issue that I thought did not exist, but still…

I recently took part in a variety of celebrations, and I regret to say that eliminating white socks is not enough. There is still a lot to be done, even as far as shirts are concerned.

Where am I heading?

The first example are First Communions. They are in May, which is a warm and sunny month. Although the weather does not matter when it comes to elegant styles, unfortunately I have noticed quite a lot of men in short-sleeved shirts in church.

The other illustrations of the problem are the various family celebrations that the holiday months are full of. Being at a wedding party in July I also noticed some men in short-sleeved shirts underneath their suits – because it was hot…

No, my dear men! Your egoism must not prevail. You need to respect this special day and raise your clothes to the rank of the event, and not to the picnic.

Let’s remember… Long sleeves are a must with elegant shirts – there is no other alternative. High temperatures are no excuse here

Most of you would be surprised I have touched on such a prosaic topic, but we should talk and write about this problem until it disappears once and for all.



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