About Me


Every day I meet classy men at work – I work in the financial sector and I am familiar with the world of the “suit corporation”. As a person with an analytical mind, I observe this surrounding reality and look at the elegant men I work with.  Like them, however, I have neither the time nor the opportunity to talk about style.

In men’s fashion, the era of class, good taste and chic has begun. Although presented in very different types and an infinite number of variants, it clearly shows that men’s style is just as colourful and multidimensional as the world of women. And this is what I would like to tell you about here.

Although I read many Internet portals and blogs, and find a lot of interesting information, news and stories, I miss one thing – practical advice for men. Advice on what is currently trendy, how to combine fabrics, patterns and colours, how to play with them over the changing seasons of the year, and finally – how to choose accessories. There is also no information on the choice of accessories for men who want to look good.  So specifically, practically and usefully – and not necessarily for the red carpet or the Oscars, but in everyday life – for the average Joe who simply wants to look good.

I hope that my observations, suggestions and hints all turn out to be useful, maybe here we will “meet”  over a morning coffee, and I will have the opportunity to inspire and interest you, as well as give you advice on how to use the fashion potential for yourself.

I do not promise lofty writing – I graduated from the University of Technology, my thoughts revolve around logic, cause-effect relationships and practical approaches to solving problems. But I can promise that I will provide you with up-to-date, interesting and always very practical information.