What criteria does a man’s style need to meet to call it fashionable? According to the Dictionary, fashion is a style of clothing that is popular in a particular place and at a particular time. We all know how it works in the big world. Fashion capitals, catwalks, authorities in the industry, designers or stylists impose certain trends. They also show us what is no longer fashionable. Following their guidelines, fashion houses collections, exhibitions at the biggest stores, and projects just seeing the light of day, quite quickly start to a greater or lesser extent reflecting current fashion criteria. And this is how the world of fashion has always looked. However, women’s and men’s fashion do not play by the same rules. Looking at them from a practical point of view – definitely in favour of the latter.

Dynamic world of women’s fashion

Women’s fashion is a very demanding opponent. Difficult, as it is changing all the time. Newer trends very often disqualify what has gone before. Moreover, these changes are often very radical. Any woman who wants to keep up with the galloping changes knows that she is facing a rival who will force her to make real revolutions in her wardrobe over and over again. These revolutions require replacing virtually every item of clothing with something new. Women’s fashion does not take any prisoners ;).

Men’s fashion style

Unlike the fashion presented at women’s catwalks, men’s fashion is much more “gracious” in its assumptions. Although still evolving, it is incomparably more conventional in its changes. Although new accents, colours and patterns appear in trends, and new fabrics and fashionable weaves are taking the lead, the basic trends in men’s fashion never require a comprehensive change of wardrobe from previous seasons. What is more, observations suggest that an investment in a tailor-made suit or a phenomenal (and expensive) shirt is still a long-term investment.

You men undoubtedly have a great advantage over women in this issue, and it is much easier for you to create timeless sets of clothing for various occasions. Let’s see what in the men’s wardrobe will always resist fashion revolutions and seasonal changes. What never gets old in fashion?

Grey always wins

Grey suits will work on many occasions. It is a classic and universal colour that adapts itself to circumstances in a friendly way. Depending on the selected accessories, it can take the form of evening elegance or casual class. And it has one more great advantage – it can be combined with different shades and colours. Subdued grey livened with light beige? A great combination! Or maybe a touch of elegant white? Always on top. Grey with classic blue? Great for many occasions. Hand in hand with sophisticated black? It must be impressive. A contrary duo of ashen grey and serious anthracite? It also works. 

Unquestionably, universal grey can appear in many versions, and it always looks perfect. And when you look through its delightful tones, there is plenty to choose from – ashen, pearl, foggy, graphite, silver, anthracite. Impressive shades of grey have inexhaustible potential.

A journey through the seasons of the year

Grey is among the very few colours that allow you to use the same items of wardrobe all year round. In winter we combine it with white, in summer it is livened with some more intense shades from a rich colour palette. In spring and autumn we reach for interesting seasonal accessories and create new styles with the same clothes. Grey gives you a great freedom and allows you to change your style over and over again, without major interference to the contents of your wardrobe.

What does grey whisper in others’ ears?

Our style, clothes and colours convey messages to the world. Our style “speaks” on our behalf and creates our image by telling our story. In the past, grey was the colour reserved for privileged social groups, the determinant of high status. Today, it is a tool that we can all use very smoothly. So what do the shades of grey want to say? Well, they go into the world with a simple message, as the strength lies in simplicity. Here we are – class, style, elegance, peace and confidence, look and admire!

To wrap up… grey wins with fashion and resists temporary trends. Grey fits always and anywhere. Grey is flexible, easy to compose, and universal. Grey simply has the advantage. If you are looking for a way to always keep your wardrobe on top, you can make the most of its rich resources with a guarantee of success.



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