World statistics show beyond any doubt that the demand for larger clothing sizes is increasing every year. Forecasts suggest that the trend will continue. As expected, we’ll definitely need plus sizes. How are the offers of Polish men’s clothing manufacturers looking as a result?

For the needs of modest sizes

I prepared myself for writing this by exploring well-known men’s clothing brands. Based on the majority of options they have available, it can be assumed that Polish men are only slim and average in height. There are individual items of clothing in plus sizes. However, because these are exceptions, it seems that Polish stores basically don’t take into account the needs of people of an above-average size.

100+ club

Due to the fact that unlike Polish stores, I think that every guy – irrespective of size – should be able to dress in style, I’d like to invite anyone who’d like to exchange information on what and where to buy, what’s worth checking out and which of our own brands meets the needs of people wearing plus sizes to join the club.

Shirts for 100+ clubbers

Tudor is one of the few brands in Poland that has a range to suit the needs of plus-size men. Let’s take a look at the sizing chart:

For reasons that I’ll get to in just a moment, the Polish market thinks that if a man has a larger waist, hips or neck, he’s automatically impressively tall. This is obviously not true. Many plus-size men aren’t 1.9 m tall. That’s why they look strange wearing the shirts available to them. A shirt and sleeves that are too long mean that somewhere along the way style and fashion are lost. It’s undeniably difficult to dress elegantly.

What’s more, sizing based on letters is common. Even large sizes – from XL up – increase comprehensively. This means that it’s practically impossible for a larger person who isn’t particularly tall to find a size that fits.

What’s the result? Disappointed men in oversized, baggy clothing…

Why are Polish men often only given the option of wearing sacks?

You could assume that it’s a lack of empathy and sensitivity, or just plain ignorance. You’d be forgiven for thinking that clothing companies haven’t bothered to explore the market and its needs. You might even come to the conclusion this is their way of showing care and encouraging customers to lose excess weight. However, the reason is different.

Large clothing factories make their products according to ready-made cutting forms, which only take into account the statistical majority. The design and sewing of standard sizes is simply easier. Smaller sizes also require less fabric, and it’s much easier to set them out on a sizing beam when cutting. The reason is therefore very basic – money. Making small, universal sizes is simply cheaper. And there are still fewer customers looking for plus sizes than those who want something standard. And so the decision seems to be a simple business calculation.

What does the world have to say about this?

When looking at other countries, it turns out things can be done quite differently. In the US, there’s no shortage of choices for any wardrobe items in absolutely any size. This is undoubtedly a market that long ago understood that society can be larger, and sometimes even obese. Their excess weight doesn’t stop them from leaving the house, working, meeting people and wanting to look stylish. You don’t have to travel overseas to have larger size clothes at your disposal. Just take a look at stores in Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Will Polish brands change their policies?

If the world has realised that societies aren’t perfectly sized, why can’t we do the same? A Polish man wearing a large size faces a miserable choice in clothing stores. You might be tempted to say that there isn’t any choice whatsoever, because if he’d like to get clothes, he has to buy what he fits into rather than what he likes.

Maybe it’s the pressure to cut costs? Instead of using the potential of local sewing and production facilities, chain stores prefer to move production overseas. They make clothes in China, India or Malaysia, and as a result, it’s not just quality that suffers, but also the size range. This is because these sizes fit petite Asians rather than larger Europeans.

Perhaps a time when companies will realise that the market has evolved and it’s time to follow its needs is yet to come? One would hope so… For now, however, I’m highlighting the above-mentioned local brand from Wieruszów.

Tudor and its sizing

The range includes an attractive selection of styles adapted to different needs. More importantly, they’re also adapted to different sizes! Tudor shirts are high class – great quality, good style, and at the same time, quite an attractive price.

I hope that soon there’ll be more options on the list of manufacturers for the 100+ Club…

Cheers… Mariszka

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