I have already talked a bit about jackets and shirts. We can say that the upper part of the clothing has been discussed. So let’s go to the lower part, that is, trousers – an equally important item of men’s clothes. In the case of trousers I am not going to suggest anything – most men have their favourite jacket and cut of trousers, it is hard to impose anything here. The only criterion is that trousers should be comfortable and primarily that you should look good in them. Remember that it is you who creates your style and decides what to wear. But do not show off (boast about) labels. Show your elegance by looking good. Conscious consumers do not buy a brand but a product that matches them. Trousers are half our height so let’s not ignore this issue.

The length of the legs is what matters in trousers. Please note that they should not be too long. When buying trousers ask qualified shop staff for help. An expert’s trained eye will surely choose the best cut and size. In most shops you can have your new trousers shortened. Use this service – it has been created for our comfort. Too long legs are a scourge among our men. This is what I observe in the streets. It applies mostly to jeans, and jeans can be shortened in nearly every shop. The other quite important element of trousers is the belt. It should be well matched. It is a pity that manufacturers do not introduce tie-in sales, for example trousers with a belt. This would eliminate many of the mistakes made by people.

The highlight of the entire style are the shoes. Here just a few words, there is no point in writing too much. Every man should have leather shoes with a leather sole. Oxford and Derby shoes add spice to an even average inexpensive outfit; wrong and unsuitable footwear will spoil even the best styling.

Shoes are the heart of the entire outfit; I would say they are our business card. As the saying goes: “Show me your shoes and I will tell you who you are”. So let’s do our best to look good and to be well-dressed. No one will do it for us.



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