Maybe to illustrate the advantages of tailor-made clothes over ready-made ones from manufacturers’ retail stores, I will begin with the titbit that master tailors do not attach labels with the names of their brands on their clothes. They do not have to, as their distinguishing marks are the manner of sewing and of course their characteristic stitches. The best tailors use silk thread and sew the stitches manually, many times.

But this is not the only reason it is worth being tempted to order a tailor-made jacket or suit; there are many more advantages.

First of all, it is we who select the fabric that will match our personality and lifestyle. The same situation is with the lining (of course only from natural fibre). And here we can show the real us, even if it is just going to be a suit – only the chosen ones will see the lining. We can choose a jacquard of beautiful structure and colour, slightly glossy, or with a mono-thematic pattern (motorcycles, bikes, watches…, like Caccioppoli linings).

We also have a decisive impact on the cut – we can adjust it properly to our figure. We decide whether it is going to be single-breasted or a double-breasted jacket, with open lapels or pointed. We choose the buttons and can order a hand-made monogram.

It is really worth trying a tailor-made suit. A properly-dressed man is one who is able to choose what is best for him from among all the new fashion trends (from among all this mixture). And this is what a professional tailoring studio will help you with.

For these reasons, tailoring is enjoying increasing popularity. And this is good, letting Polish tailoring develop naturally, letting new companies be set up, letting those acting in the market for many years continue functioning to be our best showcase in the clothing market.

In this post I will present Aleksander Grekowicz’s tailoring studio, located at Sokołowska Street in Warsaw.

For over 20 years this company has been cooperating with the most renowned manufacturers of Italian fabrics, buying their silk, wool and cashmere for such items as: ties, bow-ties, pocket squares, shawls and women’s scarves. Recently, the studio expanded their offer to include tailoring.

This decision can be justified very easily. The owner of the company has access to a broad network of proven contacts in renowned factories where he has been purchasing the best precious fabrics for many years, and has their rich collection. This certainly had an impact on his decision to start tailoring – the warehouse is packed with wonderful fabric bales, and it is systematically complemented by new and interesting assortments (e.g. Scottish and English wool – Holland&SherryDormeuil).

Grekowicz’s company is able to provide their customers with any fabric that matches their lifestyle and the occasion that the given attire is to be made for.

In a nice and casual atmosphere, customers discuss the details of a tailor-made suit or jacket. The tailor takes measurements and sets the completion date that they will certainly be positively surprised by (short dates are the asset of this studio), similarly the accurate sewing.

Customers will also appreciate the wide collection of fabrics available in the warehouse (as I have mentioned above), and the fact that they will have the opportunity to see them with their own eyes. And I am not talking about a few-metre-long samples or colour palettes on the basis of which it is hard to deduce whether a given fabric will meet our expectations. The studio is full of mannequins wearing ready-made sets of clothes – you can admire the various models of jackets, trousers and shirts with attractive accessories, and see how a given fabric looks on a ready item of clothing.

There is also a wide range of linings and (nut and horn) buttons. You can order a 100% cotton shirt for your suit as well.

Aleksander Grekowicz’s company has an online store: Tiestore.pl, with ready accessories for our sets of clothes. However, the choice of fabrics available in the warehouse is incomparably larger, which guarantees that our visit to the studio will result in a perfectly fitted suit with professionally selected amazing accessories.



My next post will be about silk ties.

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