Today I am going to write about ties that have recentlybecome – and I do not know why – passé. Over the past few years their popularity has decreased, which is not favourable for manufacturers.

Fortunately there are still men who do not envisage their outfit without a tie. But the truth is that the greatest advantage to those companies making ties is that these items of clothing have always complemented, and still complement, men’s attire. Therefore every man – no matter whether he is enthusiastic about ties or not – has no other choice and wears them for important family celebrations as well as official and business meetings.

But is wearing a tie a compulsory obligation?

I think absolutely not. A well-matched silk tie is undoubtedly a great supplement to a man’s outfit, maybe not as prestigious as e.g. a watch, but it is noticed straightaway, and so is equally important.

From the wide range of Tiestore.pl jacquard, knit and printed silk ties, I will try to choose a few of the most glamorous models and suggest them for different occasions.

First, most of the common so-called business ties should be plain, uniform and in soft-toned colours, possibly with tiny patterns. Here the best solution is jacquard ties (with a woven pattern). These types of ties are often really captivating, even if the pattern is tiny and non-intrusive. The perfect quality of silk is what matters most – thanks to the depth of thread colours, small elements on a soft-toned background will attract attention. The best patterns for business ties are small squares, rhombs, tears, and stripes – which are now making a comeback. Plain ties with more complex structure are also a good choice.

For all family celebrations I suggest a dash of avant-garde – for example amazing Moschino ties. I really recommend them. There is an outbreak of interesting, often funny patterns in the market now. In the west, printed ties have always been a sign of good style; in Poland they are becoming more and more popular. And that is good.

We should pay attention to the quality of the print. High-quality fabric needs to be characterised by perfect resolution of the image. If the pattern, especially on thin or thickly-woven lines is blurred, it means that it was printed digitally, using cheaper machines. I do not recommend such products.

Unfortunately all of us take part in sad funeral ceremonies, where men have to wear ties, naturally dark, not necessarily black. A white shirt is a must for that set.

Here I would like to suggest very elegant single-colour ties: plum, black, dark blue, and grey. Jacquard ties with elegant calm are also attractive.

The largest number of possibilities is for those men who wear ties every day. On cool days I recommend wool, cashmere and silk ties with a matte structure. In summer – silk, silk with a blend of linen, cotton with floral patterns, or silk combined with cotton, with a light geometric pattern.

It is worth paying attention to the lightness of an insert that must always be made from natural fabrics – woolen, or double wool, and an additional cotton or linen layer. A tie should be easy to tie. It should also be light, and not give off an impression of something stiff and unnecessary around the neck.

Below I present red ties: one with some oriental pattern, and the other by Moschino, with balloons.

It is said that one must know how to wear a tie. And there is something in that. We often admire a perfectly matched and tied knot (which is not so easy to achieve at all). It also happens that we are charmed by men who wear this accessory with nonchalance. Loosely and a bit negligently tied ties made from good quality and original fabric, with right and fashionable shirts give an effect of splendor and originality and are becoming common in the streets and the media.

For such an original outfit I have chosen top shelf ties, made from grenadine that – even single-coloured – always looks luxurious and elegant thanks to the special structure. One is a silver tie with a subtle jacquard ornament, the other is a dark green tie with a prometeo weave; both are perfect accessories for patterned shirts, which are popular now.

But we have to bear in mind that this outfit is suitable only for less formal meetings.


Easter is coming so I would like to wish my readers plenty of joy and hope, and that they are always present during this festival. Let spring and nature coming back to life inspire you not only in your fashion choices.


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