Previously I wrote about the basic shirt colours every man should have in his wardrobe.

I must admit that as far as clothes are concerned I am a minimalist, and I think that to look good you do not need to have a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, and wear different clothes every day. By changing our shirt and other matching accessories, we can restyle our look every day.

I think that every man with the basic items in his wardrobe can change his look in any way, depending on where he is going and what he wants to wear. It all depends on our imagination.

I personally prefer plain and light shirts, and white is my favourite. Why? Motivation is very easy – we look fresh, elegant and classy in a white shirt. I think this is nothing new and I do not need to convince anyone of that. There is one more aspect – wearing white shirts with a plain suit, that is, reducing colours and patterns to a minimum, we will create a harmony of elegance. If we want to look a bit crazy, we can add some original accessories that will then be more visible and will bring the desired effect.

An additional asset is also the fact that it is really hard to match a wrong colour tie or the recently very fashionable pocket square to a white or grey shirt. I would call these colour shirts “safe” and I recommend them to those men who want to be elegant and do not like complicating their life thinking what matches what.

How many of those shirts should a man have in his wardrobe? I think that at least seven shirts should be prepared for one week. We have five working days so every day we put on a fresh shirt. Two shirts are spare.

The advantages of this number of shirts:

* seven shirts fit freely in any wardrobe. A clear and neat wardrobe means no need to say “good morning” to our beloved iron every day. If we have more shirts, let’s put them in a different place. After some time we can replace them with those from the wardrobe. In this situation vacuum bags will be useful as they do not take much space;

* seven shirts are washed only once a week, e.g. on Saturday. This is a perfect load for just one washing cycle. We often do not know what to wash with what. Here there is no problem. If you prefer the laundry, here you are, this is also one visit a week;

* seven shirts in our basic colours is the guarantee that no matter at what time and in what mood we get up in the morning, there is no problem… We do not think what fits with what. White and blue shirts match any set of clothes.

You can have countless shirts, a full spectrum of colours. I am writing only about a minimum number.



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