The topic of today’s post may seem a bit surprising – stress, getting up early – what do mornings and nerves have in common with a man’s style? It turns out to be much more than we suppose. To start a day positively, we need a night of restful sleep (which I wish to you and myself). Dark circles and a tired face look as bad as a creased shirt. However, there are a lot more factors that influence our image – too little sleep results in sleepiness, sleepiness results in haste, haste causes a nervous atmosphere that is, in turn, reflected in our condition and style.

5 more minutes…

Using the snooze button in your alarm clock to sleep at least a bit longer is very tempting. Studies carried out by British scientists from the Sleep Clinic Services show that this seemingly harmless snoozing causes damage in our nervous system and in the level of hormones, which results in an even greater tiredness. What is more, 2-3 snoozes take up the time we spend on our morning routine, so we are already in a hurry which generates stress. This is a very bad start and a perfect introduction to further problems. Changing our lifestyle is much more beneficial – going to bed earlier and getting up at least 30 minutes earlier than we need. Thanks to this extra time we can start a day relaxed. While drinking our morning coffee we will have a chance to plan our day, think about our schedule, and arrange our duties.

A good condition shapes our entire day

If we get up well-rested, we have a peaceful morning, we do not have to hurry or choose our clothes hastily, and every single thing we do in the next hours becomes automatically easier. An efficient and rested brain gives us a greater control over decisions we make and our wellbeing, our level of concentration is higher, and we are in a better mood. This way we are not absent-minded, tired, irritated, we get rid of a failing memory and negative emotions. All the inconveniences mentioned in the previous sentence are not the only symptoms of tiredness and nerves. Stress releases cortisol – a hormone of stress that disturbs the functioning of the entire body. Stress has also a significant impact on our appearance – tensed body, round back and excessive sweating are just a few symptoms of tension that can be seen with the naked eye. The articulation of our thoughts is also more difficult – when we are highly strung, we talk quickly, incoherently and not very clearly. This means that even the most carefully worked out style and image will not mask what tiredness, stress and a badly begun day will spoil.

Laughter is the best medicine

Undoubtedly, it is not possible to totally eliminate stress from our life. Yet, we can find some effective ways to minimise its effects and take control over our own wellbeing. The cheerful Italians are the perfect inspiration – they listen to music on their way to work and sing the most beautiful opera arias, putting themselves in an optimistic mood. They know well what they do, as listening to music has a wonderful influence: it raises the hormone of intellectual performance, stimulates non-verbal memory, eliminates tension and fears, and if music is accompanied by singing or humming – it has a wonderful impact on our wellbeing – and we can sing something different than opera arias. It is also worth being surrounded by positive people who have a sense of humour, share their energy with us and allow us to forget about our plans and tables at least for a while. Every day we must find some time for ourselves – swimming pool, sauna, gym, jogging – it does not matter what, something that will let us relax, calm down and get rid of the negative emotions that bring us no good when accumulated.

And if something does not go according to plans, we should effectively cut our losses and not let the small failures ruin our day, as like K. Makuszyński said:

“A day without a smile is a lost day. “

So start and end every day in a good style – as befits a classy guy.


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