December is a time for giving gifts to our loved ones. We all look for gifts, and each one of us has a different approach. Ingenious, original, useful or unusual – so many giving, so many ideas. Therefore, today we are going to deal with a few ideas for “safe” gifts that will make every man happy. We will try to combine beauty, elegance and a practical approach.

The idea for a perfect gift

There is no doubt that we must keep a very important principle in mind – when choosing gifts for our loved ones, we should not be guided by our own preferences. The fact that we like something very much does not mean that other people will like it as well. Therefore, when thinking about spot-on gifts, we need to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes for a while and think empathically what would make the person whose dreams we want to fulfil happy.

Let’s start with a general issue – colours. Since the golden Polish autumn is already over, and so is the madness of its energetic colours, we are changing the range of colours. Welcome to dignified winter, in shades of charming grey and classic white. Grey is the colour of diplomacy, so it does not lack universalism, while white perfectly complements it. As part of the “variations on a theme”, the elements of cool yet very lively silver also look great.

Gift number 1 – pocket squares, still appreciated

It seems that pocket squares still enjoy unflagging popularity and are extremely willingly chosen by men. As they also work well at work, dinner with their sweethearts, a wedding reception or an elegant banquet, they should be present in all men’s wardrobes. The most universal – snow white – perfectly matches the white shirt in a festive attire.

For official ceremonies, linen, cotton or silk pocket squares are recommended. There are different ways to fold pocket squares. We can tuck the folded pocket square into the breast pocket so that about 1 cm is visible. Or keep the shape of a carefully folded “cone”, i.e. a triangle. Less formal occasions leave more freedom and space for imagination. We can afford a fancy puff fold with the edges sticking out, or any other artistic way we like.

A few practical tips: To prevent the pocket square from hiding inside, we should fold it exactly to the width of the breast pocket, pressing one of the hidden edges against the bottom. Since white has many shades, and silk will never be as white as cotton or linen, special care should be taken when choosing the colour. If your shirt is snow white, the best solution is to combine it with a cotton pocket square made of the same fabric as the shirt, or of delicate linen. If the colour of the shirt allows it, the silk pocket square is a classic of style and chic.

Gift number 2 – a scarf for many occasions

This is another suggestion in line with the rule of universal usefulness for a stylish man. Today, men’s scarves are used for two different purposes. As protection against the cold, and as complements to the outfit – ornaments. Even if a man already has a range of scarves in his wardrobe, it will always be nice to have another item to choose from, in accordance with the principle: “plenty is no plague”.

Gift number 3 – always elegant bow ties

They will surely be a good gift for a stylish classy guy. If he likes and wears bow ties, he will be happy to have another beautiful accessory in his collection. However, it can also please a sceptic who has not worn a bow tie before. Perhaps receiving this beautiful accessory will encourage him to try it at the earliest opportunity.

Gift number 4 – roll-neck sweaters or blazers, they are always popular

Classic blazers or roll-neck sweaters in soft white are always a universal complement to winter grey outfits. Not only are they warm, but they also add a touch of character and zing up an elegant man.

To sum up, winter is a special time. We cover ourselves with warm clothes, and do our best to not get cold. And, we can remain stylish at the same time, as one does not preclude the other. Colours emphasising the majesty of winter, simplicity of form, and the accompanying taste of timeless elegance. This cannot look bad, and as a gift – it will always be right on the mark!

Merry Christmas!

Last but not least, I would like to extend to you my best wishes… May this Christmas time be filled with joy and the closeness of the people you love. May it bring you a wealth of smiles, and also allow you to relax and gain some distance, as the end of the year is a period when we are all a little bit tired. I wish you a beautiful atmosphere with Christmas magic in the air. In this extraordinary time may each of you find what you are looking for, and remember about elegant Christmas styles – as this is a perfect opportunity to look great :). Merry Christmas!



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