Like I previously wrote, you need to get to like shirts. And if not shirts, then at least the way you look in a shirt. For this purpose, it would be good to learn the basic rules on when and what shirts we should wear. Then we will be sure that we are dressed appropriately for every situation.

Eventually these rules will become second nature to us, and we will follow them without thinking

With time, you will realise that anywhere you go, you no longer think which shirt to put on and you automatically take matching clothes…

I will begin with shirts that are a constant element in the office style. The most important criterion when choosing a shirt for work is its quality. We spend most of our time at work, and we should take care of our wearing comfort. This will be guaranteed by shirts made with 100% cotton. As far as colours are concerned, I recommend white, blue, light blue, light grey, and ecru.

There is no need to stand out amongst the others by wearing bright or patterned shirts.

Simplicity and minimalism are recommended at work

During business meetings and social functions our clothing should be characterised by a discreet elegance. Our clothes are just the background, they should not distract or encumber us, so that we can concentrate on conversations. Here white or light blue long-sleeved shirts will also complement a classical dark suit.

When we are going to take part in various celebrations, the only recommendation is a white dress shirt, with no colourful gussets – so-called contrasts. Of course it should have long sleeves and a French cuff, although a single barrel cuff is also acceptable. A white elegant shirt, perfectly fitting the figure, will certainly make every man look chic and elegant, which is the guarantee of having a good time. And I wish you that…

Contemporary men who take care of their dress code do not forget about looking good both at work and at weekends. When spending time among family or friends we can put on more comfortable and more sporty clothes. Yet it is worth maintaining a dose of elegance since a good look influences our self-confidence and wellness. So let’s not neglect our privacy and let’s not replace it with mediocrity.

Someone once said:

“If a man does not know what to wear, he puts on a white shirt and the problem is solved”.

I would also add a blue shirt here. Please take a look at the photos – they speak for themselves. Every styling with our shirts is good. Combining elegance with ease results in an acceptable nonchalance, which is suitable for our afternoons.



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