Not a long time ago, the streets were full of well-groomed elegant women and run-of-the-mill men. Most of the men were wearing a mixture of clothes, without analysing or taking care of their image composition. Today, the situation is completely different. Elegant men in the streets is a common sight.

Out of respect for work

Trendies have undoubtedly changed the  professional lives of Poles. As a result of corporate style, high positions, and the resulting prestige, a stylish man must (and also wants to) look good at work. Showing respect towards employers, the job itself and workmates, men take care of their image. So in the morning, well-dressed men wander the city wearing elegant shirts and well-cut suits, not forgetting the stylish accessories. Silk ties, pocket squares, and trendy hairstyles – they carefully compose their image, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Dress code – less and less necessary

In many companies that take care of their image, employers impose a dress code. However, due to the fact that most men wear elegant clothes that are appropriate to the positions they hold, that is becoming less and less necessary. And although some positions require a different setting, the image revolution has galloped ahead, changing a lot for the better.

We learn from the best

We do well, drawing inspiration from the best-dressed streets in the world. We take note of international elegance when travelling. We read blogs and use Internet resources, learning from those who look excellent. We already realise that taking care of our image translates into the way we are perceived. We understand the significance of our own image, and we can draw self-confidence from this, which is so important in life.

Irreplaceable Italians

A never-ending source of fashion inspiration are the perfectly dressed Italians. Bold colour combinations, silk, modal or modal-silk scarves, paisleys, rich floral and plant patterns, and finally, everlasting medallions à la Italian. The Italians undoubtedly know how to make an impression. Perfectly fitting shirts, wonderfully selected jackets with pocket squares in the breast pockets, which they leave in the office when going for lunch, superbly cut trousers, and beautiful shoes.

We can both learn how to compose our image for work from them, and draw inspiration for our free-time style. Going out with friends to lively restaurants… and there you see white shirts, jackets with wide or sharp lapels, chinos or jeans, and perfectly selected loafers or moccasins. Infectious smiles on their faces and expressive conversations – they enjoy their lives, appreciate the moment and are self-confident. It is worth learning all these things from them.

The image of a stylish man in Poland

It is great that we observe and draw what is best from these observations. A well-dressed guy at work, and an equally good-looking different style at evening dinner. Men have learnt the art of composing and selecting accessories. They know that every single detail matters, take advice from hair stylists, and are more and more interested in fashion, all which allow them to create their image, as well as the life attitude in which they decide every single detail, leaving nothing to chance. So pleasing to the eye!



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