Today, a few hints on what to do to avoid morning problems with clothes. This is particularly important as life is not a bed of roses, and a lot of other things can give us a headache in the morning. Clothes and our look do not necessarily have to be one of them.

I try to prepare different matching sets of clothes in advance. Combining colours and patterns is a difficult task – we usually do not like choosing colours, especially in the morning… After all, we get dressed bright and early! So let’s choose our clothes like puzzles, so that every item of clothing matches the clothes we already have and meets a given objective.

For example, when buying trousers, let’s not choose the nicest ones but only those whose cut and colour will match our jacket and sweater. This rule applies to every single item of clothing. When we follow it, we will always have carefully matched and harmonising clothes in our wardrobe.

We will deal with this challenge sooner if we master the art of shopping. When going shopping, let’s keep our imagination under our thumb. Let’s not buy a hotchpotch of clothes, and, God forbid, let’s not yield to the various promotions, as we will then have to use our knees to close our overfull wardrobes…

Remember – it does not matter how many clothes we have in our wardrobe, what matters is to know exactly what we have. What is more, it is sometimes worth analysing which clothes are our favourite, and in which clothes we feel most confident, and concentrate mainly on those…

This is why we should do a wardrobe inventory from time to time. Let’s look through our clothes, check what we have, what we should throw away, and what to buy.

And when we are talking about shopping, again I recommend a common-sense attitude; let’s buy only those things we were going to buy, that is what we planned when we were leaving our home. Our consistency will be recouped by having relevant sets of clothes for every occasion.

Mastering this rule is half the success. Then we will be over the hump. After some time you will realise that you have more free time, and that you are no longer tempted by shop fronts to buy things on the spur of the moment. At most they can inspire you to create new styles using the items of clothing you already have. And getting dressed in the morning will be a pure pleasure that will put you in a good mood for the entire day.

And I wish you that.



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