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As Wikipedia says, a pocket square (from French pochette) is a decorative accessory worn in the suit breast pocket (from German Brustasche). I would just add that this is a small gem that will please your eye not once, not twice, but many times.

In recent times this small 35 x 35 cm square of fabric has taken the upper pocket of a man’s jacket by storm. I have noticed that even those men who are sceptical of any new fashion trends have not been able to resist the allure of the pocket square and wear them for everyday occasions as if they have been doing so for ages. I must admit that I am impressed and I admire men as this is not easy to choose a pocket square that fits a tie and shirt. And yet they are not scared off by this difficulty, and boldly enrich the look of their suits with the decorative kerchief.

A pocket square is a very charming yet demanding accessory for a man’s suit, and it should be reasonably chosen for a given style.

Charming, as the precious fabric of a pocket square is made from delicate and soft materials, which is why we can create different sophisticated shapes – the fabric will lay as you wish.

Demanding, since – as happens in fashion – you should follow some rules and match the pocket square to particular items of clothing.

For official occasions, a snow-white slightly raised linen pocket square is recommended – this is called the TV fold. Will such minimalism fulfill its purpose? I am sure of that. Simplicity is often most effective.  

For everyday occasions we should wear colourful cotton and silk pocket squares. Here we can give life to our imagination and experiment.

I have a titbit for connoisseurs who like prestige and extravagance – unique silk pocket squares from grenadine – a light transparent fabric. They are exceptional. This silk resembles linen, yet it is characterised by a much thicker weave. Its roughness makes it perfect for breast pockets as we do not have to be afraid that they go inside. And it is not only about comfort.

Grenadine has a very unusual and original texture, and the air of exotic luxury. Its uniqueness is noticeable immediately.



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