The upper classes in politics and business have always been characterized by an impeccable style. The image of top politicians, heads of states, diplomats and presidents of the world’s largest corporations has not only described them, but also represented their country, branch or company. Can the great world of politics and business be somehow divided by dressing style? Today we will take a look behind the scenes of the highest positions in the world and check their rules.

In politics at the highest level

When you perform an important representative function, you should feel the seriousness of this position. Then, your posture, figure and image are no longer your “private property”, they become a showcase that a lot of people look at. The world’s greatest politicians – the group of those in power, accompanied by officials during visits and meetings – rarely choose clothes by themselves. They take advice of stylists and usually look perfect. They wear the clothes that look excellent, are trendy and show the significance of their position.

Yet we do not have to only look at the highest level. In the European Parliament, we can notice how precisely looks are finished and how universal fashion principles are used. More than 700 people from 28 countries in the world, mostly men, each of them wearing a perfectly cut suit, well-fitted shirt, with stylish shoes and accessories.

Every country has its own customs?

In the past, maybe. Today, definitely not. In the past you knew a person’s nationality by looking at the details of his/her clothes. Americans used to wear straight, loose, not waist-cut suits.

Italians – always perfectly cut, fitted clothes. British – jackets with characteristic two side vents. Today, when the world has become a global village, an elegant man has become unified. Politicians wear neutral clothes, but with style and in good taste. Possible differences result from preferences, not from nationalities. It is enough to look at the present and former US President. Barack Obama was always wearing perfectly fitted suits, emphasizing his slim figure. Donald Trump, in turn, representing the same country, wears completely different, loose clothes.

The classy business world

Top employees of international corporations, presidents of the world’s largest banks or holdings – JP Morgan Chase, HSBC Holdings plc, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank, financiers – people who represent one brand in the world, are obliged to look appropriate. No matter where the branch office of the corporation is, the same impeccable style applies. Even lower-ranked personnel stick to the relevant dress code and accept it, knowing that their look is a part of their job.

A lot of similarities

No matter whether we observe politicians or businessmen, no matter whether the branch of the corporation is located in Europe or on a remote corner of the world – the same rules apply. An elegant suit, a white well-cut shirt, a silk tie and leather-sole shoes. Also, stylish accessories – a belt and pocket square that create a coherent wholeness. All these purport that you can trust me, I am a distinguished elegant classy man. A presentation finished in all detail complements the image of a company or country.

All this comes down to a simple conclusion. When you hold a high position, you need to keep an eye on customs. Style and class always speak a universal international language, beyond any divisions.



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