In my previous post I promised I would present some noteworthy headwear manufacturers. I have already written a few words about “Polkap” from Skoczów. Today, we will go to Łódź, where the family company “Rabionek” has been operating for 35 years.
Their website details their prized unique annual collections, as well as a wide range of fashionable patterns and colours. And that’s true – indeed, “Rabionek” offers a wide selection of headwear.

Their collection of flat caps – a bit undervalued in Poland – is particularly worth recommending.

Flat caps by “Rabionek” are made from a variety of fabrics (wool, cotton, and linen), and therefore you can choose suitable headwear for every season of the year. In late autumn, the winter collection will indisputably be the most interesting, which is why below I am presenting a few classic patterns in very attractive colours. As you can see, there are plenty to choose from, both in terms of plain fabrics and always trendy checks, or other interesting colour combinations.

Apart from flat caps, there are also caps and hats.

I know that this is a blog about men’s style, but in the case of “Rabionek”, I cannot fail to mention the rich selection for women. Hats, berets and winter caps in a beautiful palette of colours, made from the finest Polish and Italian fabrics. I think that these items are worth recommending. Maybe some women reading this post (I hope that they sometimes visit the website) will become interested in the products directed at them.



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