In autumn and winter I often read about the poor selection of winter caps in our market. People also complain about the low quality.

The topic of headwear is generally a sensitive issue as the vast majority of us do not want to put anything on our heads at all, believing that we look bad or even awful and comical in any winter cap or flat cap. Call it whatever you want, but I think that most of us just do not like wearing winter caps. We do not wear hats either – in which we usually look good – as we think that they are not suited for everyday wear. Flat caps, in turn, are not so popular. For these reasons, hooded jackets then are the only alternative on cold days with strong winds.

We could put part of the blame for that on headwear manufacturers themselves. I think they put too little effort in seeking clients, with advertisements of their items either not visible enough or not present at all. The seasonal nature of their products may also be one of the main reasons.

That is a pity. I think that we have a lot of excellent manufacturers with a wide selection in Poland, and the short winter season for headwear could definitely be extended into the warmer months. Of course, with appropriate incentives.

There are a great number of Polish manufacturers that have been operating for many years in our market. I am not going to praise them further as their goods made from natural fabrics can justify themselves. There is no need for recommendation. I can promise that their rich and original collections will satisfy even the most demanding of clients.

In the following posts I will make an effort to present several of these manufacturers of hats, flat caps and woollen caps. I think a lot of men will find something for themselves.

Today a “gem” from Skoczów.

Skoczowska Fabryka Kapeluszy “Polkap” (Hat Factory in Skoczów) is a veteran company established in 1924, and known throughout the world for its felt headwear. Their sheep wool and rabbit fur felt hats are made using traditional techniques, meaning they are handmade. The wide array of cuts and patterns as well as the high quality are appreciated by consumers. Polkap offers traditional hats for men and women, hunting and regional hats, hats for special occasions, and Hasidic hats. For a few years now they have been producing a series of items for the Pierre Cardin brand.



The photos of the hats come from the catalogue of products made by Skoczowska Fabryka Kapeluszy Polkap S.A.

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