Fashion is art – art that we all take part in, and that each of us creates every day.

Artists and designers explore this issue thoroughly and acquire essential knowledge before they set to work on their task; no matter if this is a picture, sculpture, building, everyday object or item of clothing.

A similar situation is with our daily selection of clothes. If we want to be stylish and look good, we should learn and then follow the basic rules used in the world of fashion. They should be our guiding light on our pathway toward the perfect look and help us meet the requirements of this abstract and often questionable art.

One rule says that when selecting clothes we should not combine more than three colours. Besides, it is also good to penetrate the secrets of the right colour match. To do this, we can use a colour wheel – a graph that will help us create appropriate colour sets of our clothes to match the particular elements of a given style and its accessories.

We can create our sets using a harmonious range of warm and cold colours, or skilfully combining complementary colours. In this way we do run any risk, and we can be sure that we will make the whole complete.

Using only monochromatic colours (the same colour in many shades) or analogous colours (colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel) does not have to be boring. We can always enrich our soft toned style with one bright (noticeable) element that will make it look different and non-stereotyped.

A white shirt can play such a role! It can be seen from a distance, and such freshness and simplicity which form the basis of elegance always attract attention.



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