Fashion allows for juggling items, and thank goodness. Taking into account the fixed elements of men’s clothing, that is a suit and its substitute, a jacket matched with trousers, it would seem that there’s not a rich tapestry to work with. But this is not true. Men’s styling has a variety of rules, and – as it turns out – they are not that rigid.

We won’t break the basic canons in men’s fashion if we add an element of nonchalance to our business attire. Of course, remembering to not use too many colours and not dazzle people. A small glamorous eye-catching element is essential in any style.

Our everyday accessories should be magical, make a good impression, and at the same time express our personality

For example, we can choose a bow tie that adds some lightness. On cooler days, wool, cashmere or silk (but not satin!) bow ties are recommended. For cashmere jackets or waistcoats, the best solution is a bow tie from wool or daino/suede that looks like washed or slightly frosted, and grenadine that has a richer texture. If you can’t tie a bow tie, it’s worth asking a sales assistant to do it before packing or sending it. When buying a bow tie, we should adjust its size – the width of the bow should be in proportion to the width of your face. If we have a wide face, we should avoid narrow bow ties with one pleat. And the other way round – a large bow tie doesn’t look good on smaller faces.

Another interesting element could be a fabulously colourful pocket square. For casual styles we should fold it in a more fantasy manner. Let’s remember that at least one of its colours should match the elements on your jacket/shirt/tie, particularly as far as the shade is concerned.

Let’s make the tie and pocket square represent one theme – everyone will certainly pay attention to such a set. When choosing a pocket square, we should not be guided just by an original pattern across the fabric – we should always fold it and see what it looks like in the breast pocket. A beautiful or famous picture does not always result in a good final effect.

We can also choose a tie with a unique pattern, e.g. dogs (maybe we will be able to buy a tie with the breed we have), storks, flamingos etc. Folded in a creative way, they make a wonderful pattern, not disturbing our smart attire.

Still on the subject of ties, an eye-catching accent could be found in a mixture of silk and wool. In this case, very interesting structures appear – a slightly rough background emphasises the smooth silk gussets, as the fabric and its texture also matter! Please pay some attention to shantung – this type of silk fabric gives a unique effect of both chic and harshness.

Single-colour ties are also interesting. They lack excessive flashiness but the stylish simplicity makes them expressive. It’s worth choosing intense colours. Grenadine ties are second to none as a single-colour accessory. Although they are not cheap, they are worth the price, as if we take care of them well, they will stay with us for years.

Let’s remember to pick the right size tie – not only the width and length are important, but also matching the wider and narrower part to our height and posture. A tailor-made tie is an ideal solution. This will not necessarily cost a fortune, and we will get a perfect knot and the best fabric.

Let’s not be afraid of experimenting and let’s try a variety of options. We should devote some time to these accessories as they indeed give a fantastic effect. And it is worth being elegant, attracting the attention of other people, isn’t it?



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