To look good, you don’t need to follow fashion blindly. Undoubtedly, you can find your own style – interesting, full of attractive accessories, eye-catching patterns, and combinations that will be characteristic for a man’s individual style. Autumn is a time when not only suits and jackets, but also vests, sweaters, blazers, jackets, coats, headgear, scarves and gloves are in play. There is unquestionably an infinite number of opportunities to show your creativity.

Check meets nature

This season of the year suggests the everlasting chequered pattern for jackets. Due to the fact that checked jackets look great with plain vests or a non-obtrusive small chevron motif, they’re very friendly when creating outfits. Such a composition calls for accessories: ties, pocket squares and bow ties. The classic and still fashionable paisley, as well as small animal motifs (extremely popular for two seasons now) will always work in this case.

Foxes, deer, hunting dogs and wild birds, inspired by nature, go together with brick and claret shades, often characteristic for these significant details. The colours of the earth and bold patterns taken directly from nature, certainly give an edge to entire outfit. They also make a seemingly subdued style interesting or funny.

Woollen flannel, cashmere and silk

Tweed jackets with the characteristic weave are still on the crest of a wave. The very pleasant to the touch wool flannel suits have also been catching up with them. They are accompanied by accessories made of noble cashmere, wool of a different texture, and matt silk. Although visually, silk can be mistaken as matt wool, it differs from wool in its deep more saturated shades.

Everything under the sun – compose colours in a stylish way

Outfits that use different shades of one colour are quite popular. To make them look elegant, we must undoubtedly stick to the basic palette – e.g. we don’t go beyond brown, beige or grey.

However, we can diversify into other structures within the same colour – this result has a very nice effect. Is a light grey cashmere golf combined with a dark grey flannel suit, wide open lapels and high-waisted trousers boring? Especially if we add an elegant graphite coat made of fabric with a visible structure, and complement it with a cashmere shawl. The next day a white shirt and a tie or a bow tie with an interesting pattern may be used instead. We can also change the shawl into a one made of soft lamb wool in a shade of bottle green. And if you don’t like wool or are allergic to it, you can choose delicate cashmere. This will undoubtedly allow you to create a lot of styles within the same beautiful wardrobe contents.

To sum up, grey days call for styles that would give them some more energy. The palette of natural earth colours, animal patterns, noble fabrics and beautiful textures, allows a great freedom. Every single individualist will find their own elegant interesting style within this, regardless of the weather.



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