What is behind the words “an attractive man”? What should he be like?

The answer should not surprise anyone. Everything must simply be attractive: behaviour, clothes, face (flawless complexion), and even speech, that – paradoxically – matters a lot. I already wrote about behaviour – I only remind you that a classy guy is a polite guy, with a wonderful sense of humour (the domain of intelligent people), who speaks fluently and correctly, as well as pays attention to how he speaks, as: 7% constitute words, 38% – voice, 55% – mime expressions.

Unfortunately, that is not easy. What also matters is the ability to make nice sentences and correct diction – mediocrity or negligence are no longer trendy.

Let’s demand a lot of ourselves, even if we do not have to. All the more that nothing is impossible, just more difficult.

We like being with interesting, intriguing and well-dressed people, the people we listen to with pleasure. Let’s think why?

The answer is easy: we are aesthetes and we often seek the beauty that we like being surrounded by.

Today this bar of being special and attractive is set very high. Higher education and nice clothes are not enough. It is worth having something more to offer. I will use the example of a book: even the nicest cover does not guarantee that we will read the book – if the plot does not interest us, we will put it away.

So let’s be remarkable, noteworthy, and let’s have something to offer. It is worth being an interesting person who enthuses others with our passions and interests. Let’s behave every day according to the rules of savoir-vivre (art of life), and let clothes be only a means to an end, not a goal in itself. Our appearance certainly is important, yet it helps us only in the beginning, in making contacts, where later on our personality, character and behaviour matter.

Latest data show that employers willingly look for people with a sense of humour, having in mind that in stressful situations such employees will put two and two together in a flash and will look for optimal solutions with a smile on their face, striving for releasing tension, e.g. by means of an intelligent riposte. A sense of humour unites people and facilitates life in a team.

Taking the abovementioned features into account, I think that an attractive man is simply a valuable person. At least he should be.




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