Autumn surprises us with a blaze of colours. Fashion – walking arm in arm with nature – also changes its face in autumn. Designers are inspired by nature, creating great fall/winter collections. The catwalks are dominated by energetic shades of gold, orange, red and purple. Today, we look into Polish wardrobes to see what a classy man wears in the most beautiful season of the year.

A man’s scarf, an important detail

In autumn we put on coats, jackets, duffle coats, often in camel, and we add various accessories, creating beautiful compositions.

Scarves are an absolute must-have in this season of the year. Cashmere scarves – warm, soothing and pleasant to the touch, with proper care, will serve us well in the following seasons. Always hand wash them in cool water, do not “wring” them, just lay them flat to dry. I also suggest double-sided scarves. One side silk, patterned, the other side single-colour, made from delicate Italian wool. They are also very nice to the touch, noble, and do not irritate the neck. They look great with an elegant coat and jacket. Make one loose knot or not at all – throwing it nonchalantly over the shoulder under the collar.

The power of detail – bow ties and ties

Ties are another must-have accessory for the autumn style. This season, I recommend medallions in a truly Italian style. Woolen, cashmere or grenadine ties – each kind of noble silk looks phenomenal.

There must also be bow ties. The autumn must-have is a “diamond” tip bow tie. A classic of a classic – tied in a perfect way, bow ties will always add splendour. It is worth knowing how to tie one, as it is not so obvious. Men who prefer easier solutions can choose a pre-tied bow with an adjustable neck strap that ensures the best fit possible.

Properly worn bow ties should cover the button of the shirt and should not stick out, and of course they must ensure comfort, as elegance is supposed to be comfortable – so it cannot be too tight around the neck. A bow tie needs a shirt that will highlight this beautiful detail. The best choice is a shirt with a semi-spread (semi-Italian), spread (Italian) or cutaway collar.

Pocket squares, always popular

Last but not least, the pocket square – the detail that is always necessary, even when we don’t use a tie. In autumn, fashion gives us an impressive choice of woolen pocket squares, wool-silk blends, cashmere or silk twill with matt sheen. A selection of beautiful silk and double-sided pocket squares, with different patterns, gives you a lot of freedom to create your own styles. When choosing a pocket square, remember that the woolen and cashmere types should be slightly smaller – they cannot unaesthetically stuff the breast pockets. A size of 26x26cm, maximum 31x31cm will work.

Play with accessories

Decorative elements allow you to set the preferred tone, and completely change the character of your style. When playing with fashion, you should use the available potential, as elegance and a future-proof style can be fun. So use ties, colourful braces, multicoloured socks, belts and decorative pocket squares – take whatever you want on a given day. Let these classy accessories reflect your autumn mood.


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