According to the women I have asked what a classy guy should be like, personality is most important – impeccable manners, propriety, composure and a sense of humour. But without doubt, appearance also matters, which is why elegance took second place in the ranking of features I presented in my previous post.

An elegant man wears proper clothes, not necessarily rich, but always appropriate. His appearance should inspire trust and emanate freshness, as the days that a real man was supposed to smell of whisky, horses and tobacco are over.

When taking care of your image, it is important to find your own style – one that you feel good in.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”,

– said Coco Chanel, and there is a lot of truth in that.

We should not succumb to trends unreservedly – everything is for people but not necessarily for each of us. This applies to colours as well. Let me quote Chanel again:

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”.

Not necessarily the colour of the year.

The latest collections in clothes stores are just suggestions, let’s remember about that. It is us that should decide what clothes we wear and how we are perceived by our “audience”, that is the people we live among every day.

It is also not worth imitating someone else’s style. Of course we can watch what our idols wear – what suit or shoes – but let’s not waste our time looking for the same things in stores. Copying someone else’s style is a way to nowhere, as no one will praise plagiarism.

Some time ago while watching a programme on TV, I heard Anthony Hopkins, during a lecture in the American theatre school, saying to future actors and actresses not to try imitating Clint Eastwood as they will never be him. There is only one Eastwood.

Of course that does not mean we cannot observe and take examples from interesting personalities, but  it is much more important to look for inspiration to be special within us, as we all have strong points and should learn to use and expose them skilfully. Let’s work on believing in ourselves and on our character. Let’s be ourselves on our path of personal development, as even the best suit by Hugo Boss or Armani will not help us shine if we do not wear it with dignity and with the conviction that this is our style and cut, the best for us.

Please remember also that in life nothing happens by accident – an accident is directed, often very carefully. Someone has a perfect figure? – this is often down to exercise and appropriate diet; someone is always perfectly dressed? – they are just interested in fashion or can afford stylists; someone is admired for their brilliance and knowledge? – they may spend hours studying and taking care of their intellectual development.

Yes, a classy guy is not a freak of nature but rather a systematic work!

I wish all my male – and I hope also female – readers a stylish Christmas. Be yourselves this Christmas. And for the New Year, 2019, lots of success and inspiration – not just for fashion.


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