Some time ago while watching a Champions League match on TV, I heard the commentator talk about the former Real Madrid coach – Zinédine Zidane, saying that the Royal’s orchestrator had class, charisma and personality. Intrigued by that opinion, I looked more closely at this man. And I must admit that indeed this guy has that special something…

Handsome, straight, fine figure, well-dressed, yet without the flash and sparkle – he was wearing a classic dark suit, white shirt and dark leather shoes. Nothing special, considering the fact that most of the coaches wear similar clothes during matches, and (as former footballers) almost each of them is in excellent physical condition. But Zidane has this unique chic that came not only from his appearance but also from his demeanour – during the match he was calm, even-tempered, reserved, controlling his face and gestures (we cannot say that about the other coaches). At the press conference after the match, he was talking sensibly and with a dose of humility, despite the many successes.

That event, or rather statement about Zidane, inspired me to write this post – “A classy guy”. And to make it a bit more attractive, I decided to ask a few female friends aged 30-45 years, most of them holding managerial positions and with higher education, what should a classy guy be like. Would their opinions be objective? I have no idea. Maybe you can verify this yourselves, dear men.

Most of them suggested that a classy man must be polite. Synonyms of this word also appeared: well-mannered, chivalrous and gentleman. So, dear men, impeccable manners above all – what we were taught at home, but also what we must work on every day.

The word elegant showed up many times as well. Other answers included: stylish, fashionable and properly-dressed. As far as appearance is concerned, my the wome mentioned such features as sporty, and handsome. You should pay attention to the fact that beauty, which is a relative notion and whether we have it or not is beyond our influence, is of secondary significance. Much more important is how we take care of our look!

But let’s come back to traits of personality and character as, according to the women, they show if a man has class or not. The women appreciated composure (especially towards women’s emotions) and reserve, as well as calmness and patience. So the ability to control your nerves is essential. Each of us would often shout at the entire world, but what for? As Benjamin Franklin said:

“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.”

So the trick is to overcome our inner anger

Three women mentioned a feature that I think we all appreciate: a sense of humour. Self-distance, a positive attitude to life, and tolerance are also important.

This list simply had to include responsible and  reliable men, men of principle, as well as intelligent, well-educated, and well-read men. The women also appreciated warm-hearted, delicate, empathic, brave, open-handed and consistent men with family values, who can solve problems, listen to women and sense their moods.

I think these are not exorbitant expectations. All the above-mentioned features are the ones that a contemporary man should have, as they have a positive impact on our activity, social position, and relations with our family and friends. Ovid said:

“If you want to be loved, be lovable.”

Summing up, a classy man is first and foremost a personality that we can work on. Every single man can be a classy guy, but whether he will always be depends only on him.



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