Today, let’s return to the topic of men’s shirts. This time, we’ll discuss them a little more in-depth. I’ll introduce you to the brand Tudor – a  company that makes men’s shirts. But this isn’t what makes it stand out on the market and what made me want to encourage you to learn more about this company.

Experience doesn’t appear out of thin air

Tudor shirts are made at the former Wólczanki plant in Wieruszów. A new owner bought the plant and took over the staff, and since 2006 has been an independent brand that continues to sew shirts while maintaining high quality. Undoubtedly, it has experience and, in order to satisfy the needs of its consumers, tries to meet their expectations. The knowledge and experience mentioned above are in the qualified team of 250 people. What makes Tudor stand out on the market and how did it come to my attention?

A full range of sizes, including plus size for men

Tudor divided its offer into two categories: formal and casual. Then, each has three styles: classic, slim and super slim. It’s worth noting that, unlike most ranges, you can choose not just the neck size, but also the height in the given range. This means you’ll be able to find a style for every shape and size. And thanks to this, irrespective of size, every man can look elegant in Tudor shirts.  

Local patriotism

Another argument for? It’s definitely worth supporting what’s ours. Tudor is a Polish company with deep roots and a long tradition. It employs people in the small town of Wieruszów, activating the local market. These are values that are definitely worth promoting.

Good quality

Tudor shirts are made of good durable fabric – even after many washes, the careful stitching and cuts remain intact. They’re also easy to iron. It’s difficult to find any negatives. This brand stands apart from the rest thanks to its class.

Size standardisation

Tudor has a size similar to Wólczanka. That’s why anyone who’s ever worn Wólczanka shirts can also easily find a Tudor shirt to fit. The company maintains its high standard, so customers have every reason to show their gratitude with loyalty. In a world of products coming from all over the world in fluctuating sizes, making it extremely difficult to find your size, it’s very convenient to know that these shirts will always be a perfect fit.

Market prices

The prices of these shirts are also significant. They’re quite decent, so you can easily afford to buy several items without stretching the budget.

Flexible range

Tudor makes shirts in classic styles and has quite a wide selection. But that’s not all. You can also order tailor-made shirts, including custom sizes and promotional shirts with company logos.

To sum up, if my recommendation has piqued your interest, check out the online store or one of the physical stores and choose your style. Once you try them out, I’m convinced that you’ll happily return to this brand next time you shop.



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