Men’s fashion is the classics – known patterns and simple cuts. This conservatism is a very positive and comfortable phenomenon for men.

When we talk about the classics we mean impermanence. The cuts, materials and colours that work today have worked some time, and will work for a few years. What’s more, these clothes are suitable for many different occasions. For work, business meetings, galas and special family occasions. The iron (classic) rules of men’s clothing have not changed and are unlikely to change in the future.

Two-piece suits – trousers and jacket – have undoubtedly been and will be the classics. There are seasons, such as when three-piece suits (jacket, trousers and waistcoat) come back in style. This is certainly due to the cut of the waistcoats suggested by the designers. Those that are the latest craze have for example shawl collars.

Simple cuts, traditional flaps, high quality fabrics and subdued colours certainly belong to the classics. A timeless example of the latter is dark blue. The material that is always on top is undoubtedly thin high-quality wool.

In a stately manner at any age

While the rules are a bit different in women’s fashion – a twenty-year-old girl and a sixty-year-old woman will not look equally as  good in the same suit (and vice versa), men’s fashion does not have such age barriers. These tried-and-tested cuts and known patterns of conservatism are reflected in the wardrobes of both the young and the old. Therefore, it is safe to say that while women “grow out” of their clothes, men can keep the status quo of their wardrobes for a long time.

Conservative, yet modified

This does not mean, of course, that men’s fashion likes idleness. Nothing of the kind, as new trends appear in new seasons. For example, single-breasted suits are fashionable one year and double-breasted the next. Accessories change and small modifications become trendy. And although they are willingly worn, they never replace the classics.

Value for money

If men’s clothes are to be timeless, then quality should be equally important as style. It matters both in terms of materials, and workmanship, which are both responsible for the durability of garments. Even when buying your first suit for a prom or high school graduation, it is not worth saving on quality. Well-chosen classics will serve you for many years, and will allow you to present yourself well in your first job.

For this to happen, however, “substitutes” will also be necessary. If there is only one suit in a man’s wardrobe, one pair of shoes, even if the best, wearing your favourite clothes regularly will wear them out quite quickly. So it is worth having a few sets and a selection of accessories to compose different styles, taking care of their quality at the same time.

Cheers… Mariszka

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