in the age of consumerism the demand for big size shirts is growing every year. Today’s post will be devoted to this particular issue. Of course here I will recommend shirts by Tudor for oversized items of clothing.

I did not raise this topic earlier as I thought it deserved a separate post.

At first I will present a table of sizes for those interested:

When choosing a shirt, an essential element is selecting the right size. This mainly concerns those men who buy larger size shirts. Men of optimum weight most often look for those manufacturers whose shirts perfectly fit their body type and character. They should neither be too tight nor too loose. The width and length of the sleeve should be correct, as should the length of the shirt. A shirt should not be untucked or too long.

It is said that the devil is in the details, and this is true in the case of shirts. Details decide here – every single detail matters. Freedom of movement is a priority for the wellbeing of most shirt wearers. A shirt should work for us, not the other way round.

Unfortunately a lot of companies making shirts that have big sizes disappoint their customers by offering sizes that say nothing (XL), and in deadly boring, insipid colours. So customers who weigh
over 100 kilos receive tents, and the only thing that is missing are the herrings…

Well, in this case manufacturers have no empathy. It is not difficult to guess that overweight people also feel the need to buy properly fitting clothes in order to look well, and that regardless of their weight they also have the desire to wear non-conventional and fashionable clothes.

So how does Tudor deal with this problem? Are they able to meet all these expectations?

I believe so. This manufacturer has been doing their utmost so that every customer – regardless of size – can choose a well-cut shirt in which they will feel at ease and comfortable. This company  does not discriminate against those who wear big size shirts, and their range is diverse and attractive so that customers also have the chance to buy fashionable clothes.

The pictures present a few shirts from the company in Wieruszów as encouragement to become interested in this particular manufacturer.



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