I was wondering what I should begin with and I decided that there is no place here for even a hint of doubt. So I will start with a shirt.

Only a few people know that this is the oldest piece of men’s clothing. Therefore let’s pay our respect by starting this post with it. Shirts have been with us since the Middle Ages – both the highest and lowest levels of society have been wearing one. Shirts were, are, and will be timeless. Over the centuries they have undergone many stages of evolution. Manufacturers of cotton – the fabric shirts are made from – are not wasting their time. They are trying to face the challenges of the contemporary market in a creative way. They are enriching cotton, making it silky, soft and nice to the touch; it does not need to be ironed, is wrinkle-resistant, and absorbs sweat and moisture. This is all for you, men, as a shirt is the basic item of a man’s clothing. Every single man – regardless – should have at least one shirt…

The first important events of young men when they need to replace the ubiquitous T-shirt with an elegant shirt are a prom, a school-leaving exam and all the exams during education, and finally their first job interviews. Then at work, and this is how it goes until death. A white shirt for the meeting with St Peter is a minimum for sins. I have not mentioned here all the family gatherings we have the pleasure of taking part in since our childhood. So – as you see – there are a lot of occasions to wear a shirt, which is why my advice is to just get to like this invention of our ancestors.



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